The story of Baker’s Florist is one of three families. It started in 1915, when Eugene Baker  opened a flower shop on Ridge Ave. in Allentown, PA. The business sold flowers on the first floor and grew them on the second floor. The story continues to1983, when Jim and Denise Cooke bought the shop from Ella Baker, Eugene’s granddaughter. They tried to keep it the same. with the shop’s lime green walls, cutting room, and plant display. After 36 years in 2019, they sold the shop to a new generation with a different culture from their own. While they kept mostly everything the same the new owner, Tamara Ordoñez, wanted a change with new ideas according to our modern times. What she will continue to do is keep the high quality of merchandise and customer service that long-time customers are used to. The business is and will stay a part of the community as a neighborhood store. We can cover everything from being born, birthdays, graduations, weddings, to death. There does not have to be a special event coming up, it could be for all and any occasion.

Louis Baker Founder in 1917

Denise & Jim Cooke 2nd Oweners ​

This Picture was taken on the year 2000 at Baker’s Florist.

Bertha Baker Louis Baker wife

This was the first building of Baker’s Florist

Aunt Harriet Bakers

At the door of Baker’s Florist